International Science Slam

Of Zombies, Aliens and Dinosaurs!

You always wanted to hear what your fellow students are working on? Or are you already sick of it? Had too many boring kitchen conversations at house parties or too many bad classroom presentations?

Well, both of us know that there are also other ways to talk Science!

A guy with microphone shouting Let us Entertain you

The Faculty of Sciences hosts FAU’s first International Science Slam. You can expect humorous and creative presentations that introduce you to a range of topics representing the departments of our faculty.

There will be beer, there will be snacks and there’s a lot learn – an unbeatable combination.


When: 11th December, 6pm

Where: H2, Egerlandstr. 3


This year’s participants are:

Marcel Hanisch: Forensics in the Subduction Zone

George Harrison: A lot to chew on: the “berry” mysterious diet of extinct cave bears

Johannes Lehmeyer: Improving the Investigation of Electron-Eating Zombie-States

Niklas Hohmann: Of Dead Dinosaurs and Pubertal Pimples

Fiona Pye: Alien Attack

Gregor Matthes: ‚Warning: the following presentation may contain foraminifera‘