Mobility Funding Advisor

The Faculty of Sciences supports intentions of our students and researchers to broaden their knowledge, experience and skills by spending time at universities, research institutions and companies abroad. Furthermore, we are happy to welcome international scientists and students who are willing to share their knowledge and perspectives with us, while enjoying the excellent research and study opportunities at our Faculty.

No matter whether you are a FAU member planning a stay abroad or an incoming researcher or student, one of the most pressing issues when preparing a stay abroad is adequate financing. To assist you in finding ample funding, this website offers information on a plethora of scholarships for all stages of an academic carreer. You will also find useful information on scholarship donors which focus on the science disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmacy and Physics).

Please use the sidebar on the left to navigate and do not hesitate to get in contact with us in case of any questions. Please be so kind to give us a hint if you find any outdated information on this website.

The Faculty of Sciences wishes you all the best for the application process.