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Image: Christoph Beier

FAU geoscientists investigate submarine volcanoes

On board the research ship ‘Poseidon’

Image: Robert van Geldern

A climate archive on Corsica

FAU-based climate researchers continue a project funded by the German Research Foundation

Chemically tailored Graphene

Spectral Fingerprint allows control of function

International Congress Engineering of Advanced Materials ICEAM2017

10 years of interdisciplinary research at the Cluster of Excellence EAM in the international context of state-of-the-art science and engineering research

Image: Dr. Michael Förster

Controlled electron pulses

FAU scientists aim two-coloured laser beams at tungsten tips

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Many of the problems associated with climate change could be solved if we could make it possible for vehicles to run on fuel made from water and carbon dioxide. Prof. Dr Karsten Meyer of the Chair of Inorganic and General Chemistry at FAU has won the 2017 Ludwig Mond Award...

Yoghurt, beer, bread and specialities such as tasty blue cheeses or good wine – special microorganisms and refining processes first produce the pleasant flavours and enticing aromas of many foodstuffs. FAU researchers have now investigated the formation of rot in grapes and have shown that when this...

The transition from regional geography to a technical discipline with an emphasis on digitalisation: researchers at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) are currently studying the history of geography in the 1960s and 1970s in a new research project. The title of the project can b...

Individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle joined together as if moved by magic – that is what FAU materials researchers imagine when they apply molecules to surfaces to produce materials for new technologies such as organic solar cells. To date, researchers knew very little about how large molecules atta...

The EU is granting FAU chemist Andreas Hirsch 2.49 million euros to conduct research into black phosphorus on the molecular level. The holder of the Chair of Organic Chemistry II at FAU aims to develop new areas for its application, for instance in the fields of electrical energy storage and...