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International Congress Engineering of Advanced Materials ICEAM2017

10 years of interdisciplinary research at the Cluster of Excellence EAM in the international context of state-of-the-art science and engineering research

Image: Dr. Michael Förster

Controlled electron pulses

FAU scientists aim two-coloured laser beams at tungsten tips

Image: Wolfgang Kießling

Victims of their own success

Research explains Acropora corals' success – and their defeat

Image: Thorsten Brand

Hypervelocity binary star puzzles astronomers

A traveller from a distant galaxy

Illustration: Dr Mark A. Garlick/HESS Collaboration

The centre of the Milky Way

FAU astrophysicists research cosmic particle accelerators with unparalleled energy

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Light microscopy continues to reveal the microscopic world at an ever increasing resolution. Using a new method coined COLD, scientists at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen have now visualized protein structures with a resolution of around 5 Å. COLD achieves this unpreced...

Together with colleagues from Universität Mainz and Universität Kassel, FAU researchers have built the world’s smallest heat engine: the tiny engine consists of just one atom and is able to effectively transform heat into power. The British magazine Physics World included the researchers’ invention ...

When migrants or refugees are the topic of political discussion or news articles, the words ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslims’ usually appear too – migrants from certain parts of the world are often perceived on the basis of religion. Prof. Dr. Georg Glasze from FAU believes that this is a problem, because...

FAU chemists are developing an artificial intelligence application which can predict which molecule structures will produce or suppress specific odours. The Volkswagen Foundation has granted the project 96,100 euros of funding for the next 18 months as part of its ‘Experiment!’ programme. It’s somet...

A researcher in Germany is studying why fish sometimes smells ‘fishy’ and why customers often smell other aromas when they buy fish. Mohamed Mahmoud, doctoral candidate at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at FAU, identified various off-flavours of fish raised in aquaculture as part of his do...