International research and studying

Welcome to one of FAU’s most international faculties.

Thanks to the excellent quality and worldwide networks of our scientists, FAU’s Faculty of Sciences has had an international outlook for a long time.

Not only joint research projects with partners on all continents, but also an internationalisation at home reflects this orientation. We have the pleasure to welcome researchers from all over the world here in Erlangen. More than 15% of our professors and scientific staff came to the Metropolitan Region Nuremberg-Erlangen from abroad. We are also a top destination for international doctoral candidates.

We are committed to upholding our Faculty’s strong appeal among the international scientific community. Apart from our strength in research, we want to internationalize our study programmes to attract young researchers and retain them long-term at our university.

Master’s degree programmes taught exclusively in English allow international students admission to the Faculty of Sciences unhampered by any language barrier. Orientation courses and our Buddy Programme support our international newcomers after their arrival and help them to integrate into the FAU community.

Beyond that, we want to open doors in the other direction, too. We encourage all our students to spend some time abroad during their studies. For this purpose, we cooperate with universities all around the world and support our students in finding appropriate funding for their stay abroad.