Student initiatives (FSI) and student representation at the Faculty of Sciences

The student initiatives (Fachschaftsinitiative / FSI) consist usually of students from one field of study. They are committed to help other students during their studying and to improve studying conditions. They organise job fairs, excursions to companies or parties, sell lab coats and glasses, and organise sightseeing tours for first year students. They play an active role in FAU’s university policy, too.

Initiatives at the Faculty of Sciences:

The homepages of the students’ initiatives are usually in German.

Students’ representatives

The members of the student representation (“Fachschaftsvertretung”) are elected annually by students. The members of the “Fachschaftsvertretung” take part in the FAU Students’ Council and in the Faculty’s Board. You can find more information (in German) about their commitment on their website.

Faculty’s student representation: