The Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty carries out both fundamental and applied research. This research is highly interdisciplinary, involving not only researchers from the Faculty’s departments but also experts from the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering, as well as other national and international institutions. The Faculty is involved in 7 of the University’s 8 Major Research Areas and has also established its own Research Focus Areas which cover a wide range of topics, from communication and signalling to molecular materials and geodynamics, geomaterials and georesources, representation theory, astroparticle physics and optics.

Its students receive an outstanding education in a variety of degree programmes which cover all of the key scientific disciplines, with 12 Bachelor’s and 15 Master’s degree programmes and teaching degrees (Lehramt) for the subjects biology, chemistry, geography, mathematics and physics. The Faculty ensures a close interlinking of research and teaching, allowing new knowledge to be passed directly on to its students. At the same time, students are given intensive support with their final theses which are highly research-based and contribute to the research progress. The Faculty of Sciences also runs the Bavarian elite degree programmes Physics Advanced and Integrated Immunology.