Buddy Programme for Incomer

Dear International Students,

No matter if you come to FAU for a semester abroad or want to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at our university, we are more than happy to have you here.

To make your start at FAU a little bit easier and to promote exchange between German and international students, we introduced the NatFak Buddy-Programme at the Faculty of Sciences (also known as NatFak among students).

German and other already established students volunteer to offer indivdual support to newcomers. They help with everyday questions and introduce you to the city. They can tell you where to buy a bike, take you to social events and introduce you to other students.

This sounds good to you and you would like to get to know one of our Buddies? Feel Invited!

Please fill in our registration form and send it to patrik.stoer@fau.de

You can also use this address for all you questions regarding the Buddy-Program.

Of course, our Buddy Program works on a purely voluntary basis and therefore you and your Buddy are free to spend as much time with each other as the two of you agree to.