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Representing the Faculty

Staff members can borrow roll ups (so called ‘4 Screens’) for conferences, exhibitions, ceremonies and other representations. Please contact the Faculty’s public relations officer for further information.

  • Dimensions: 100 x 215 cm
  • German or English
  • B1 certificate
  • Set up time per roll up: 5 minutes
  • inclusive carrying bag, foot and supporting rod
  • Weight: 3 kg

English roll ups for conferences and ceremonies

4-Screen “Facts” 4-Screen “Research” 4-Screen “International Study Programmes” 4-Screen “Seal, English”
4 Screen "Faculty of Sciences" (Image: FAU, Fotolia)

4 Screen “Faculty of Sciences” (Image: FAU, Fotolia)

4 Screen "Research" (Image: FAU)

4 Screen “Research” (Image: FAU)

4 Screen "International study programmes" (Image: FAU, Fotolia)

4 Screen “International study programmes” (Image: FAU, Fotolia)

4 Screen "Seal" (Image: FAU)

4 Screen “Seal” (Image: FAU)