At the Faculty of Sciences Bachelor and Master courses have been introduced since 2001 and existing study courses have been converted till winter semester 2007/2008 referred to the Bologna-guidelines.

All courses of the FAU pass through a intern quality assurance and authorization procedures by the Bavarian Ministry of Education and the Arts.
The establishment of every study course is limited.
Every study course has to be in programme accreditation to prove the fulfillment of important quality criterions up to the expiration of the limited establishment.

Programme accreditations for every study course would be very expensive in time, costs and resources, so FAU established system accreditation since 2009.
FAU bets on many decentralized quality-management activities on the level of Faculties, study courses and teaching units.
The “Four-level-model” (university, faculty, study course, module) links the central and decentralized instruments of quality management.
The System of quality assurance of teaching and study at the Faculty of Sciences is closely linked with the aims, structures and processes relevant in teaching and study.

To assure quality and sustainability of the study courses at the Faculty of Sciences the unit of quality management in teaching and study was found.
The study deans and the unit of quality management are responsible for the development of a system of quality management at the Faculty of Sciences.

Further information:

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