Master’s degree programme Integrated Life Sciences soon to be taught in English

One of the goals of FAU’s internationalisation strategy is to become more and more attractive for international students. As of the winter semester 2015/16, another step towards this goal will have been accomplished: the Master’s degree programme ‘Integrated Life Sciences: Biology, Biomathematics, Biophysics’ will be taught in English.

Not only international students will benefit from this – English is becoming ever more important for young German researchers too. After all, it is the common language of academia. As many modules in biology, physics and mathematics are already taught in English this change should not present too big a problem for German students. What is more, the Language Centre offers subject-specific language courses in English.

More information about the degree programme is available at

FAU currently offers a total of 44 international degree programmes and has more than 500 university partnerships in over 70 countries. The latest additions to FAU’s international degree programmes are the Master’s degree programmes Physics and Materials Physics which will be taught in English from this summer semester.

The Master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Sciences taught in English:

  • Chemistry
  • Integrated Life Sciences – Biology, Biomathematics, Biophysics
  • Materials Physics
  • Molecular Science
  • Physics

Further information:

Prof. Dr. Rainer Böckmann
Phone: +49 9131 8525409