Women in Science – 1st Erlangen Symposium

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Young female scientists of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy of Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg invite you to the first “Women in Science” Symposium of FAU. One of the outstanding characteristics of this symposium, which takes place from December 9th – 11th, 2018, is that the organizing committee consists exclusively of women and only female speakers, selected from an international scientific platform, are invited. In addition to talks from invited speakers, short presentations, flash talks, poster presentations and round table discussions are on the agenda. Interested students and junior scientists, male and female, can already sign up for participation in the symposium.

The doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy came up with the idea of this symposium due to the still existing unbalanced gender distribution in professor and chair positions within most universities, especially in the field of natural sciences. Apart from the scientific intention of the symposium, it is therefore the goal of the organizers to focus exclusively on female scientists and to highlight their scientific achievements as well as their career development. Among others, Prof. Rajaâ Cherkaoui El Moursli of Mohammed V University, Morocco, UNESCO L’Oréal Laureate of 2015, and Prof. Malika Jeffries-EL of Boston University, USA are already confirmed Invited Speakers.

The symposium is open to everybody, and anyone who wants to attend can register online for the event. Both male and female junior researchers and students can apply for a short presentation (10-15 min), a flash talk (5 min) with poster presentation or a poster presentation. The symposium is free of charge, and the discussions and lectures are usually given in English.

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