Invitation to lectures by Prof. Dr. Nick Trefethen on Feb. 1, 2023

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Nick Trefethen
Image: Sarah Bird

New Algorithms in MATLAB

As part of a lecture series of the FAU Research Center Mathematics of Data (MoD), Prof. Dr. Nick Trefethen, University of Oxford, will give two lectures on February 1, 2023. At 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Prof. Trefethen will speak on “Applications of AAA Rational Approximation” in room 04.363, Cauerstr. 11, Erlangen as well as via Zoom. At 16.30 he will give a “Chebfun Session” in room 04.363 (no zoom).

Prof. Nick Trefethen is professor of Numerical Analysis and head of the Numerical Analysis Group at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. He graduated from Harvard and Stanford, received his PhD from Stanford, was Professor at MIT and Cornell University, in 2011/2012 president of SIAM,  he is member of several Mathematical Societies and Academies and holder of an Advanced ERC-Grant. With more than 150 journal papers and several books covering a broad range of areas within numerical analysis and applied mathematics he is one of worldwide leading mathematicians in this field.

In his morning lecture, Prof. Trefethen will introduce a new algorithm for approximation by rational functions on a real or complex set of points, implementable in several lines of MATLAB and requiring no user input parameters. He will also demonstrate a number of applications, including detection of singularities, model order reduction, analytic continuation, functions of matrices, nonlinear eigenvalue problems, interpolation of equispaced data, smooth extension of multivariate real functions, extrapolation of ODE and PDE solutions into the complex plane, solution of Laplace problems, conformal mapping, Wiener-Hopf factorization.

His afternoon talk will be dedicated to Chebfun – an open-source software system written in MATLAB for numerical computation with functions of a real variable. Nick Trefethen initiated the MATLAB-based Chebfun software project at the University of Oxford in 2002 and is leading it since then.

The FAU Research Center for Mathematics of Data – FAU MoD, aims to pool in a coordinated manner the knowledge of researchers from FAU faculties and several external cooperating partners in the great challenge of developing the mathematics allowing to empower data. This combined expertise and experience constitutes a unique interdisciplinary alliance for academic cooperation and a multidisciplinary environment for training young researchers in this emerging and rapidly evolving field. It optimally combines the skills in Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science to address the challenges arising in a broad range of research disciplines and various innovative industrial sectors.

Registration for the talks is not required. The lectures will be held in English.


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