Result quality

Regarding result quality the Faculty of Sciences aims to gain concrete insight on general aims and the specific aims of the different degree programmes. Using applicative evaluation tools, it examines aim and concepts as well as their implementation on departmental and degree programme levels.
These tools are meant to concretize the general understanding of evaluation at the Faculty of Sciences.
Currently, they consist of five components:
  • evaluation of courses
  • evaluation of degree programmes and study situation at the department
  • evaluation of new/modified concepts for teaching and studying
  • analysis of course of studies, including
    • round-table discussions
    • inclusion of additional indices to improve teaching
  • advisory board for Bachelor- and Master-Courses

The knowledge gained through these tools are to be integrated in the development of degree programmes and the improvement of study conditions at the respective department/teaching Units.Specific subjects of evaluation such as the understanding of evaluation and evaluation tools are described in Guideline 08 Evaluationen der NatFak zum Qualitätsmanagement in Lehre und Studium. The appertaining implementation is defined by the specific requirements of the respective departments/teaching units.
System and methodology of evaluations are described in these evaluations concepts on the level of departments/teaching units.