Structural quality

The definition of structures and responsibilities within FAU’s quality management system serves the realisation of its quality-policy.
The structures relate to the organisational set-up and ensure clear responsibilities on all four levels.

According to the department structure, quality management in the area of teaching and learning has a decentralised set-up encompassing a dean of studies in each department and corresponding bracket structures on  faculty level. The quality management of the faculty thus seizes on the decentralised approach of the FAU-wide quality management and carries it on analogously to its internal structures.

The Faculty of Science ensures continued development of teaching and learning on the faculty- and department-level as well as on the level of the individual degree programmes and modules. Duties and responsibilities are defined each of these levels.

Struktur des Vier-Ebenen-Modells

four-area-model (Bild: FAU)


The structures and its related tasks and responsibilities of the different levels are described in detail in guideline 01 Gremien, Strukturen und Funktionen in Lehre und Studium. A specific feature of the Faculty of Sciences is the Round of Deans of Study Affairs with a representative from each teaching unit.  Members of this round elect a speaker (one year term) who represents the the Deans of Study Affairs on faculty level (faculty board and faculty council)

Each department or teaching unit has implemented a study committee which serves as central committee for all issues of studying and learning. Each degree programme of the Faculty of Sciences is assigned to a study-committee. The participation of each status group in the committees guarantees communication between all parties involved in the area of teaching and learning.