Implementation of FAU’s mission statement

The actual implementation of FAU’s mission statement and of Faculty’s mission in research and teaching of is described in the Faculty’s second guideline: 02 Leitbild und Umsetzung. This guideline points out detailed links between the guiding topics of the various mission statements and the matices of the degree programmes. This makes it possible to distill particular targets of a programme directly from the mission statement respectively helps to identifiy mutual relations.

Role and understanding of the Matrix during the development of a degree programme

The Faculty of Science uses the matrix of a degree programme according to its basic conception as summary document for the design and development of programmes. The guideline 04 Studiengangsmatrix zur Weiterentwicklung der Studiengänge documents the function, understanding and how the matrix should be used. The matrix serves the following faculty-specific Tasks:

  • Summary and development document of the quality management system of the departments resuming all important aspects of degree programme design
  • At regular intervals, it is subject to a review by the study committee
  • Internal communication and transparency
  • Create new impulses for the development of specific evaluation-sets