Mission statements

The quality management system ensures coordinated feedback cycles on and across all structural levels.
Binding targets for each level (university, faculty, study programme, module) are defined and respective concepts are set up. The accomplishment of all targets is subject to a monitoring process.
FAU’s mission statement depicts its self-image and names general profile lines in research, teaching and administration. Its mission for Teaching and Studying  identifies six strategic objectives for this area:

  • Strengthen the unity of research and teaching
  • Make FAU more international and cosmopolitan and increase mobility
  • Encourage innovative teaching and creativity
  • Develop opportunities for learning at all levels of university education
  • Develop services and infrastructures
  • Participation and identification – take responsibility and make decisions together

On the level of the individual faculties the objectives of these mission statements are transferred, specified and complemented into faculty targets and a faculty mission.

Mission statement of the Faculty

The mission statement of the Faculty of Sciences describes the universal axioms of science and the research profile of the faculty.
The various scientific disciplines specify their particular emphases on department level. The mission statement covers the following Areas:

  • research
  • support for young researchers
  • teaching and learning
  • service
  • internationalisation
  • international research network
  • life-long learning
  • equal opportunities